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How To Write A Narrative Essay Guidelines And Useful Tips -

The most effective method to Write A Narrative Essay Guidelines And Useful Tips The most effective method to Write A Narrative Essay: Guidelines And Useful Tips The word paper came in English from French and generally goes back to the Latin word â€Å"exagium† (gauging). It is a remarkable artistic sort and, truth be told, is a secretly composed paper on a particular subject. How is it unique in relation to different kinds of scholarly assignments? The fundamental element of this work is that it presents its writers genuine belief and gives supporting contentions from science or history as well as from the writer’s experience. What else would it be advisable for you to know about? Other primary highlights of such task are a generally little volume, nearness of principle topic and its emotional understanding, free arrangement, inward semantic solidarity and the simplicity of portrayal. What is an article and how to compose it? There are a few unique types of this task undergrad can confront, every one of which varies by reason and method of introducing the data, while the structure is consistently comparative. One of the most wi dely recognized sorts is a story exposition. This type of undertaking frequently confounds understudies, making them search for proficient help at a dependable story composing administration, which is a straightforward and reasonable approach to get your paper. Be that as it may, it is conceivable to adapt to it all alone. In this article, we will consider the principle subtleties of composing an account paper and give you a couple of successful tips that will assist you with taking care of this assignment quicker and with less efforts.Guidelines On Writing A Narrative EssayThis is an adequately point by point story told. An account paper advises about what befell somebody at a specific time occasion. This sort of paper needs to have all components of a decent story †it ought to contain a presentation, a portrayal of the spot and time of the activity, the plot itself, the characters, the climax, and the last part. You need to express a reasonable perspective. This kind of work is composed basically with the creators perspective, yet it is conceivable to introduce a story from an alternate perspective on the off chance that one remembers about his own perspective on an issue. Work out the profound quality of the picked story. It is important to bring ones own basic thought into the history viable through a proposal and ensure that all the constituent pieces of this history bolster it. Buckle down on a language of your paper. Words will have the option to demonstrate certain feelings to perusers; hence, your selection of words ought to be drawn nearer with every single responsibility.Useful Tip For Writing Narrative EssayIt is important to obviously characterize a basic thought of an article before it is composed. When in doubt, an account paper ought to have a story and an examination of this story. Story paper subjects can be extraordinary yet you can utilize a circumstance to outline it and show it in the manner you need. Substance ought to be fascinatin g to perusers, urge them to peruse. It is enthusiastically prescribed not to defer procedure of composing a paper for the day going before the most recent day. It requires some investment to compose a decent work. It is important to dodge too extensive records, plain records inside a passage, utilization of short words. What else? Focus on passages, red lines, and set up consistent connections between all sections along these lines you can accomplish the respectability of your work. The hypothetical positions utilized in your content ought to be introduced so that your comprehension of their requirement for this work is self-evident. Utilize the reference accurately. During the time spent composing a paper, the work reflects a creators assessment as well as the statements of different creators who dealt with this theme. They are utilized in an exposition to reinforce their own position. Pick them cautiously, while assessing their centrality. Utilizing citations over the content is s uitable however it’s important to give them a basic sentence, which gives a legitimate connection between the statement and the former piece of the content. At that point you should cite the source and clarify the significance of the statement or your disposition to it.What Are The Most Common Mistakes In The Writing Process?Writing a paper isn’t restricted in time; you can revamp it ordinarily, and request that your companions read your exposition. Make the most of the considerable number of chances and attempt to keep away from regular mistakes.Bad checking is a typical slip-up in the creative cycle. Try not to feel that you can just check spelling in your record †you additionally need to rehash your papers and ensure that there are no equivocal articulations, ineffective turns, and so on. Models that you ought not observe: I am glad to have the option to oppose the utilization of medications, liquor, tobacco. Study in this college that situated in a brilliant s pot, where there is a great deal of Gothic engineering, will be an entrancing issue for me.Tired forewords. A deficient number of subtleties. Regularly, an intriguing exposition loses meaningfulness in view of specification of articulations without delineating them with models. The expositions are portrayed by the standard clichã ©s: the significance of difficult work and diligence, gaining from botches, etc.The verbosity. Papers are constrained to a specific number of words, so you have to insightfully discard this volume. In some cases it implies surrendering thoughts or subtleties, particularly in the event that they have just been referenced some place or not legitimately identified with the case. Such things just divert the consideration of the peruser (audience) and dark the principle subject of the essay.Long phrases. The more drawn out the proposition, the better some say as much. In any case, this is a long way from truth as long expressions don't yet demonstrate the creat ors rightness, and short sentences regularly produce a more prominent impact. The best part is that when long expressions substitute with short ones through the content. Attempt to peruse the content so anyone might hear and on the off chance that you feel that you are regaining some composure, break the section into littler passages or offer it to your companion/comparative with investigate. A new look will assist you with seeing powerless pieces of the content and fix them.Do not over-burden the content with a lot of data. An account paper recounts to a story, which is the reason it is somewhat unique in relation to a logical work and doesn't need to be over-burden with realities and logical terms. Hence, attempt to dispose of words from reference books. Off base utilization of such words diverts the consideration of the peruser, lessens the significance of the paper.

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Blood Diamonds Essay

Blood, struggle, unlawful, precious stones †the issue has gone worldwide and the world became mindful that the honest girl’s closest companion has been corrupted by blood and become the most exceedingly awful bad dream for individuals, remembering youngsters for certain pieces of the globe. They call them strife precious stones in light of the fact that for as far back as quite a while the gleaming diamond has fuelled wars in struggle ridden nations in Africa. As indicated by sources, these precious stones regularly begin from regions heavily influenced by rebel gatherings. The benefit in selling these precious stones is utilized to purchase little arms and weapons that are utilized to battle the wars for freedom. They call them blood precious stones in light of all the slaughter the jewels have caused, in light of the fact that through these jewels, wars are being fuelled, men ladies and kids get murdered, and bondage has found settling places. Association Africa Canada reports that â€Å"upwards of 50,000 [have been] murdered, a large portion of the populace dislodged, and more than 66% of its as of now seriously constrained framework pulverized. † Mining the Diamonds Rebel gatherings, for example, the RUF of Sierra Leone and UNITA of Angola, so as to mine blood jewels oppress regular folks in mining camps. They are treated as detainees and are not paid for their administrations. Is stunning that the majority of these diggers are kids. The most noticeably awful of with or without is that from being utilized as diggers, these kids are being compelled to become warriors as well. Little youngsters are being assaulted into accommodation, while little youngsters are compelled to convey weapons and murder seniors so as to mentally control them. Medications are additionally being utilized. When the kids become snared to it, their reliance on it will liken to their reliability to the development. The unpleasant precious stones that are mined are then sold into the underground market. Battling for Social Justice After the world has become observer to the detestations of the mining camps in Africa, a great deal of exercises have experienced. Superstars, Organizations, specific vested parties †all need to be engaged with battling the war against blood precious stones. In 2000, the World Diamond Congress embraced the Kimberly Process, which is fundamentally an arrangement of following whether a precious stone being sold in the market isn't a contention jewel or not. Gatherings, for example, Amnesty USA and Stopblood jewels. organization have posted blogspots in the net to keep the greater piece of the globe mindful and refreshed with respect to the issue. The Belgian government has been excited about its neighborhood precious stone sellers. At blooddiamonds. com, the composed endeavors of the Belgian government can be seen. Indeed, even VIPs have joined the reason. Leonard de Caprio featured in the film Blood Diamond so as to arrive at the mainstream society. Kanye West’s tune ‘Blood diamond’ shows his own self clash with the precious stones. In the line â€Å"See a piece of me state keep shinin? ’ How when I recognize what a blood precious stone is†¦Ã¢â‚¬  The music video of this tune additionally shows how youngsters are compelled to mine the unpleasant jewels in little faintly lit caverns. These and every other exertion are structures referenced are types of activism. Regardless of whether through the net, paper, Hollywood motion pictures, tunes, and narratives, these cognizant endeavors to effectively take an interest in the battle to uncover and kill the contention precious stones are on the whole types of activism. Activism as a Solution Activism takes numerous structures. Diverse social treacheries regularly require distinctive type of battling. The blood jewels in Africa have had activists utilize the radio, TV, news paper and the web in its battle. In any case, beside these structures, it might likewise be valuable to investigate different ways that other political activists have utilized. One case of which are the Yes Men. They use guerilla exhibitions and mimic huge organizations. Through their media hoaxing and socio political tricks, the gathering has embarrassed the huge partnerships and the new experts of the world, therefore presenting them to the majority. Once in a Wharton Business School Conference, they acted like delegates of the World Trade Organization, and reported that WTO proposes â€Å"full private stewardry of labor† in Africa. This implies formal bondage of workers by private associations. One Yesmen part acting like Hanniford Schmidt tended to that â€Å"This is the thing that facilitated commerce is all about†¦It’s about opportunity to purchase and sell everything, even individuals. † Clearly these are not what we read in books or what the media reports when they talk about the WTO. Yet, through the guerilla strategies of acting like genuine delegates of huge enterprises and huge political players, the Yesmen uncover these individuals and in a manner teach the majority of the tragic real factors that occur. Another lobbyist deserving of taking a gander at is grant winning writer Naomi Klein. Her book â€Å"The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism†, investigates globalization and new age private enterprise and how these reason social shameful acts on the planet. These two activists that fight it out with the mammoths of legislative issues and business permits the world to investigate a more profound level about what is behind the social shameful acts that plague the world. Beside straightforwardly engaging the issue of contention jewels, the greater issue can be raised which cause these increasingly explicit social treacheries. These activists follow the foundation of the issue regarding why treacheries occur all through the world, particularly in underdeveloped nations. African nations aren’t poor since they are just poor. What are the reasons for these wonders? Marx’s persuasive realism encourages the individuals to participate in knowing the facts through exploring the target conditions and distinguishing the roots that cause occasions. On the off chance that there are political clashes in Africa, what at that point causes these? On the off chance that there are no contentions, at that point there would be no requirement for blood jewels in any case; outside of the mining camps and warlords running these camps, who else are associated with the blood precious stone business? Plainly, there must be purchasers of unpleasant jewels. Aren’t these purchasers the large partnerships that clean and sell the final result jewels? Something else we can find out about Marx is his scrutinize on private enterprise in the Communist Manifesto. He asks the majority to participate in the transformation of toppling the current financial structure since it is a need for this structure is not, at this point appropriate to our age. Private enterprise has realized new social classes that will consistently be in struggle with one another. Private enterprise doesn't adjust the condition of work and creation. On the off chance that work is equivalent to the final result, at that point a worker ought to be qualified for the complete benefit of his work. However, through free enterprise, the proprietor of the capital has a cut in the last benefit consequently, decreasing the profits to the worker. The majority of the occasions, the workers are even manhandled. As per Marx this condition will never be offset except if the industrialist is destroyed and the administration of the dispersion of work and riches be done in an aggregate way. The business people in the blood precious stone exchange are the main drivers of the social unfairness and through training of the majority this would help in cutting down this foul play. The Numbers Different associations report various numbers on the measure of contention precious stones that enter the market. As indicated by worldfacts. organization, just 1% now remains. Be that as it may, if the autonomous blog spots supported by activists gatherings, there is as yet a major 15% that remaining parts. Washington post recognizes that these two numbers may both be valid, it just relies upon the meaning of what struggle precious stones are. In any case, the miserable reality remains that may it be 15 or 1, still, there is that rate which means strife precious stones are as yet being mined and that some place, in a faintly lit collapse Africa, blood is being utilized to fuel the workers that fuel the ceaseless clashes that plague their countries. Another miserable incongruity is that these jewel mining organizations are among the least fortunate on the planet. From here we pose the inquiry, where at that point does the benefit from these valuable jewels go? Plainly not to the hands that burrowed them from the earth. References Afanansyev V. G. (1987). Verifiable Materialism. Worldwide Publishers. Earthy colored, P. P. (December 13, 2005). Blood Diamonds. Recovered on May 17, 2009 from http://www. worldpress. organization/Africa/2193. cfm Conflictdiamonds. com. (2005). Progress Reports. Recovered on May 17, 2009, from http://www. conflictdiamonds. com/pages/reports Diamondfacts. organization. Precious stone Facts. Recovered May 17, 2009 from http://www. diamondfacts. organization Duke, L. (2006). Blood Diamonds, A River or a Droplet?. Recovered May 17, 2009 from Washingtonpost. com History Channel. (2006) Blood Diamonds. Recovered on May 17, 2009, from www. history. com/thc_Blood _diamonds_pressrelease. pdf Marx, Karl. (1888). The Communist Manifesto. Naomiklein. organization. (2007). About Naomi Klein. Recovered May 17, 2008, from http://www. naomiklein. organization/meet-naomi The Yesmen. (June 2007). WTO Proposes Slavery for Afirca. Recovered May 17, 2008, from http://theyesmen. organization/en/hijinks/wharton. UnitedNations. (walk 21, 2001). Strife Diamonds : Sanctions and War. Recovered May 17, 2009, from www. un. organization.

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Basic Writing Tips For Technical Essays

Basic Writing Tips For Technical EssaysA technical essay is a bit different from your standard essay in that it is not like other essays. It will be formatted differently, so the way that you write it will be different.Technical essays must be written in the third person. This means that you should only use the first person in writing the rest of the paragraphs. It is important to write your thoughts and opinions in the third person.Grammar is also a consideration in technical essay writing. While many students do not have a great understanding of the rules for writing good grammar, there are some that do. Use the right spelling and punctuation rules for technical writing.In the first paragraph, you will want to avoid using proper names unless they are very easily identifiable by readers. Proper names should be used sparingly. They should not be used on the first two sentences of the first paragraph. In order to make sure that proper names are used correctly, the student should resea rch and learn about how the name of a particular science is spelled.When you begin to write the body of the essay, use the English language. Make sure that the sentence structure, spelling, and grammar follow the guidelines of the style book. You should also be careful when citing sources. Be sure that you cite the source properly and that the source is listed in the right place.Technical essays are written for someone that has specialized knowledge or has information that no one else knows about. It is very important to use appropriate vocabulary in order to keep the article looking professional. You will also want to consider the general readers of the paper and make sure that the essay is appealing to those readers. The essay is going to look very similar to the usual essay if it has too many grammatical errors.You will want to keep the essay short, even though it is going to be fairly lengthy. The goal is to get the person's attention and make them want to read the entire essay. It can be very tedious to write a technical essay and you will want to get it done as soon as possible.Writing a technical essay is a large job and can be difficult. However, it is well worth the effort because it can lead to a promotion or a job opportunity.

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Specific Volume Definition, Formulas, Examples

Specific volume is defined as the number of cubic meters occupied by one kilogram of matter. It is the ratio of a materials volume to its mass, which is the same as the reciprocal of its density. In other words, specific volume is inversely proportional to density. Specific volume may be calculated or measured for any state of matter, but it is most often used in calculations involving gases. The standard unit for specific volume is cubic meters per kilogram (m3/kg), although it may be expressed in terms of milliliters per gram (mL/g) or cubic feet per pound (ft3/lb).   Intrinsic and Intensive The specific part of specific volume means that it is expressed in terms of unit mass. It is an  intrinsic property of matter, which means it does not depend on sample size. Similarly, specific volume is an intensive property of matter that is unaffected by how much of a substance exists or where it was sampled. Specific Volume Formulas There are three common formulas used to calculate specific volume (ÃŽ ½): ÃŽ ½ V / m where V is volume and m is massÃŽ ½ 1 /Ï  Ï -1 where Ï  is densityÃŽ ½ RT / PM RT / P where R is the ideal gas constant, T is temperature, P is pressure, and M is molarity The second equation usually is applied to liquids and solids because they are relatively incompressible. The equation may be used when dealing with gases, but the density of a gas (and its specific volume) may change dramatically with a slight increase or decrease in temperature. The third equation only applies to ideal gases or to real gases at relatively low temperature and pressures that approximate ideal gases. Table of Common Specific Volume Values Engineers and scientists typically refer to tables of specific volume values. These representative values are for standard temperature and pressure (STP), which is a temperature of  0  Ã‚ °C (273.15 K, 32  Ã‚ °F) and pressure of 1 atm. Substance Density Specific Volume (kg/m3) (m3/kg) Air 1.225 0.78 Ice 916.7 0.00109 Water (liquid) 1000 0.00100 Salt Water 1030 0.00097 Mercury 13546 0.00007 R-22* 3.66 0.273 Ammonia 0.769 1.30 Carbon dioxide 1.977 0.506 Chlorine 2.994 0.334 Hydrogen 0.0899 11.12 Methane 0.717 1.39 Nitrogen 1.25 0.799 Steam* 0.804 1.24 Substances marked with an asterisk (*) are not at STP. Since materials arent always under standard conditions, there are also tables for materials that list specific volume values over a range of temperatures and pressures. You can find detailed tables for air and steam. Uses of Specific Volume Specific volume is most often used in engineering and in thermodynamics calculations for physics and chemistry. It is used to make predictions about the behavior of gases when conditions change. Consider an airtight chamber containing a set number of molecules: If the chamber expands while the number of molecules remains constant, the gas density decreases and the specific volume increases.If the chamber contracts while the number of molecules remains constant, the gas density increases and the specific volume decreases.If the chambers volume is held constant while some molecules are removed, the density decreases and the specific volume increases.If the chambers volume is held constant while new molecules are added, the density increases and the specific volume decreases.If the density doubles, its specific volume is halved.If specific volume doubles, density is cut in half. Specific Volume and Specific Gravity If the specific volumes of two substances are known, this information may be used to calculate and compare their densities. Comparing density yields specific gravity values. One application of specific gravity is to predict whether a substance will float or sink when placed on another substance. For example, if substance A has a specific volume of 0.358  cm3/g and substance  B has  a specific volume 0.374  cm3/g, taking the inverse of each value will yield the density. Thus, the density of A is 2.79 g/cm3 and the density of B is 2.67 g/cm3. The specific gravity, comparing the density of A to B is 1.04 or the specific gravity of B compared to A is 0.95. A is more dense than B, so A would sink into B or B would float on A. Example Calculation The pressure of a sample of steam is known to be 2500  lbf/in2 at a temperature of 1960 Rankine. If the gas constant is 0.596 what is the specific volume of the steam? ÃŽ ½ RT / P ÃŽ ½ (0.596)(1960)/(2500) 0.467  in3/lb Sources Moran, Michael (2014). Fundamentals of Engineering Thermodynamics, 8th Ed. Wiley. ISBN 978-1118412930.Silverthorn, Dee (2016). Human Physiology: An Integrated Approach. Pearson. ISBN 978-0-321-55980-7.Walker, Jear (2010)l. Fundamentals of Physics, 9th Ed. Halliday. ISBN 978-0470469088​.

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Just As The Hands Of A Clock Are Constantly Moving, Time

Just as the hands of a clock are constantly moving, time is constantly going about changing society. Relationships among people have changed significantly from what they were in the past. Specifically, the way in which people interact has changed drastically. However, the one interaction has remained relatively the same throughout: bullying. Bullying, a negative interaction, has produced many statistics. In other words, bullying has made its mark in who the common bullies are, who are the typical victims of bullying, the repercussions of bullying, and ways in which bullying is linked to social and individual problems such as depression, anxiety, and violent tendencies. Common Links Across Bullying Societal context has provided an†¦show more content†¦On the contrary to the negativity forwarded by the bully, there are aspects that may help children avoid the drive-for-power behavior. The alternative to being a bully is an effective member of society. If a child has the right friend group they will be less inclined to be involved in negative behavior. By right friend group this means, supportive in nature. Those who are not the alternative are unfortunate in the matter that they become the victim of bullying. Overweight and obese children are often bullied. As well as, anxious, socially withdrawn, and aggressive children are often found to be the victims of bullying. The reasons behind these characteristics being common amongst victims is because those who are anxious or socially withdrawn are not likely to fight back or retaliate if bullied. And contrary to belief children who demonstrate aggressive tendencies fall victim to bullying becaus e their behavior may be interpreted as irritating by the bully. These children who are victims are victims of many types of bullying. Types of Bullying Overall bullying perceived as a singular concept, but there are many variations that take place. These types of bullying include: verbal, emotional, physical, and cyberbullying. Verbal bullying takes on different forms such as: insults, racist, sexist, or homophobic remarks, name calling, or teasing. Emotional bullying impacts an individual through the isolation of the individual through directShow MoreRelatedMidterm Essay: Experiences Alter The Perception Of Time.1618 Words   |  7 PagesPerception of Time Imagine that there was a power outage throughout the night, causing your alarm clock to restart. Now you are late for work, which gets you in trouble with your boss. So now you are sitting at work anxiously waiting to clock out due to this terrible day. Thinking that it’s been hours since the last time you looked at the clock, but in reality only ten minutes have passed. As this common situation used personal perception that, altered the reality of physical time. This is a primeRead More The Role of the Watch in William Faulkners A Rose for Emily1199 Words   |  5 PagesThe Role of the Watch in William Faulkners A Rose for Emily Even the casual reader of William Faulkner will recognize the element of time as a crucial one in much of the writers work, and the critical attention given to the subject of time in Faulkner most certainly fills many pages of criticism. A goodly number of those pages of criticism deal with the well-known short story, A Rose for Emily. Several scholars, most notably Paul McGlynn, have worked to untangle the confusing chronologyRead MoreEssay on The Character of Benjy in The Sound and the Fury1197 Words   |  5 Pagesrelate William Faulkner’s unfortunate tale of the Compson family in The Sound and the Fury. Just as it is a story told by an imbecile, it is one characterized by â€Å"sound† and â€Å"fury.† Benjy’s meaningless utterances and reliance on his auditory senses, the perpetual ticking of clocks, Quentin’s mysterious bantering, the insignificant accompaniment. Jason’s lust for power and control, the inescapable nemesis of time, Miss Quentin’s rebellious attitude. The Compson family in its entirety is that â€Å"poor playerRead MoreResearch Paper On The Beauty Of V760 Words   |  4 Pagesinsatiable desire to attain any morsel of V. My body groans, feelings as though it has been thrashed by wild animals. My mind fights to start-up and function. The sensation feels as if my mind is just moving through molasses. The impeding feeling washes over me, as if my heart has been repeatedly broken thousands of times over. So, I soldier on to procure my day’s first taste of V. I acquire the first taste of it at the wee hours of early morning the mere taste allows my body to untighten. Immediately my mindRead MoreThe Death Of A Salesman1024 Words   |  5 PagesVictoria Gutierrez Professor Gilbreath Drama 10 6 April 2015 1026 Words The Death of A Salesman San Joaquin Delta College presented Arthur Miller s Death of A Salesman on Sunday the twenty-second of March at 2 o clock in the afternoon. This play is about a young man and his father coming to terms with the past and their futures. Willy Loman, an old salesman, is dealing with both financial and health difficulties. He is put under even more pressure when his unsuccessful son, Biff, returnsRead MoreDescriptive Essay - Original Writing885 Words   |  4 Pagesform. Trapping, encasing, stopping me from moving. The thick liquid moved with a purpose, though I doubt it knew what that was. Slowly, then all at once, the color drained from his face, like watching the credits of a movie fade into the screen. Gone. Until next time, but, unlike a movie, he didn’t have a next time. Sirens wailed in the distance. They’d be here soon, but it didn’t matter. They were always a couple seconds behind me and that’s all the time I needed to escape. Groggily, I sat up andRead MoreMy Silent Day On Sunday August 1st1356 Words   |  6 Pagesquiet day for me anyway so I figured I would be a great time. Some of the things I did to prepare for the silent day was to let my friends know I would not be texting or talking on the phone, I pulled out the stickie’s to leave notes for l the people in the house(My daughter) I may come in contact with and I took a note pad when I went out stalking on the phone or texting on this day, The New Year is coming and I usually spend a lot of time thinking about my triumphs and failure, tallying up myRead MoreExample of Braided Narrative1681 Words   |  7 Pagesand the jovial and rambunctious sounds of kids cackling and yelping. At every stop, I could literally feel my heart drop a little. As the bus neared my neighborhood, my mouth was completely dry. When I saw my house, my heart stopped. There was the moving truck. It was symbol of my leaving home, and the realization that the move wa s going to happen, and that I had no control over it. â€Å"Hello,† said a kind face to me as I entered my first eighth-grade class at a new school. â€Å"Hello,† I said back, notRead MoreEssay about Motivation for Work1207 Words   |  5 PagesWork is a positive thing for many people. To some people, it may be described as a place to escape from the kids, or even a time consumption thing for a single or retired person, but most importantly it is what we do in order to provide for our families and ourselves. Work is something that we all will experience at one time or another during our lives. There are several reasons why a person goes to work. These reasons can be better explained as work motivation. Work motivation can beRead MoreEssay about Wat Buddharangsi Buddhist Temple 1756 Words   |  8 Pagesindulge in metaphysical speculation about first causes. As most religion have a theology and worship a deity, Buddhists do not have one. This religion believes that it is impossible to make a permanent relationship with anything because the world is constantly changing† (The Four Noble Truths). After the speaker explained the religion, he gave a full anatomy lesson to educate us on the name of each bone in our body. The four most essential bones are our hyoid bone, ribs, jaw, and pelvic. This led to our

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Breast Cancer A Unique Non Wired Bra - 915 Words

Millie is a unique non-wired bra intended to make a difference to the lives of so many women especially targeted for women after breast cancer. Sue Pringle founded the idea of a soft and shapely, non-wired bra, with a pocketed lining designed for women who want to regain confidence after breast cancer. Pringle, who was a victim of breast cancer realized the difficulty of finding a suitable bra after her breast surgery. After ten years of breast cancer, Pringle understood that she and other women who have also suffered from breast cancer could no longer wear an ordinary bras. For this reason, she was determined to discover Millie after her research find out that many women felt the same way she did about ordinary bras. For instance,†¦show more content†¦The value that these women after breast cancer are getting from this product is something beautiful and comfortable to regain their confidence. Millie Lingerie has done a remarkable job at marketing their non-wired bars. One of the ways they marketed their bras is by having a plan on how many products they’re going to sell to potential customers. To demonstrate, Millie has set a goal to pre-sell 500 or more bras as a reward, Gift to someone special, or Gift to a Charity. This marketing method allows for Pringle’s products to get on to the hands of her target market. With the rewards system, Millie has sent out bra rewards designed to make sure everybody can get involved on their project whether if they’re: women, men, children, friends, and family. The rewards car method is a great way to reach out to their recipients and create customer loyalty. Millie has also allowed for their users to give feedback on their product to better improve it. To clarify, they have asked women after breast cancer how it feels to wear the bra in hope to receive vital feedback for ongoing product development, and further proof of market to future trade customers. Not only is Millie offering rewards but she is also offer a Gift a Bra to Charity Reward. Millie is partnered with a couple of charities such as Keeping Abreast and The Nottingham Hospitals Charity. Both charities support women through some of the hard times during breast cancer

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Music in my life Essay Summary Example For Students

Music in my life Essay Summary Life All over the world there are people of different cultures, skin colors, backgrounds, and more. This world that we live on is such a unique place with many different wonderful aspects. One thing in life that everyone in the world can share is music. Music is what brings the world together. Almost every single person uses music in many different ways. Some people use music to trigger old memories, some use music to calm or relax themselves, and some use music to hype themselves up. Music is used everywhere and everyday. Many people use music to calm or relax themselves and fall asleep and some use music to hype up and have fun. Even very young children use music to help them fall asleep. Music also can easily bring memories back to your mind. There are many times in my life that I hear a song and instantly wish I could go back to that moment in time when I heard that song such as a vacation. I listen to certain types of music according to my emotion or mood. When I am in a happy mood, I play hip-hop, pop, or rap music. When I am in a more depressing mood, I sit down and listen to country r blues music and relate my life to that song. It actually helps me feel better when I can relate to a song because it helps me realize that I am not the only one going through what I am depressed about at the time. I cannot even begin to fathom a life without music. Just imagine, driving in a car with no music, going into a store with no music, or even a party with no music. Life would Just be so boring and I am so thankful that I have music in my life. I am excited to learn more about music this semester and learn about different genres, artists, and more. Music in my life By major